How-to Call Your Mac from Iphone 4 – Setup Guide

In my last post I explained How to Setup Home Surveillance using Iphone 4 Ipod touch 4 to Mac using Facetime calling . One of our user Jacob asked how we can setup an email address on our Mac so that it can auto receive a call .


This tutorial below will explain How we can Setup an Email ID on Mac for Facetime Calling via Iphone 4 Ipod Touch 4 :

  1. Download and install Facetime For Mac on your computer as shown in the image below .facetime_iphone_4_mac_1facetime_iphone_4_mac_2
  2. After completing the installation for Facetime on Mac application , you will be asked to enter your Apple ID. If you don’t already have a free Apple ID , follow the How to Create Free Apple ID Tutorial .
  3. This is the email id that you will give when anyone wants to call your Mac using Facetime on their iphone 4 or itouch 4. Turn Facetime Button “On” under Preferences Tab.apple_id_iphone_4_facetime_mac

Now you need to add your Apple ID on your Iphone 4 to initiate a Facetime Call between Iphone 4 To Mac . Here is how you do it .

  1. Add a new Contact in your Address book as shown in the image below and put the email id as used during registration . facetime_iphone_4_settingsfacetime_contact
  2. Once added it will automatically detect the added email id as Facetime Email ID. Now select the contact in your address book and click on Facetime to start your video call . You will see a new call notification on your Mac [shown below] .facetime_call_mac

This notification will show even if you have turned off your Factime App . I guess something keeps running in the background. If you want to Switch off Facetime completely , just turn off Facetime under Preferences as shown in the image below .


Please Note that both your Iphone 4 and Mac must have WiFi connection available to start a facetime call.

** Tip : Setup Home Surveillance System using Iphone 4 and MAC over Facetime .

I hope this tutorial will help you setup facetime on your MAC computer . Let us know if it worked for you and leave any problems faced during use , using the comment box below .