How to Boost your Routers WiFi Signal using a Beer Can

Internet downtime can be a real problem but, if you know its down you can deal with it.  Even more of a problem is a low Wi-Fi signal or one that keeps dropping. When you first connect your router it will choose a certain channel, usually one that isn’t crowded but not always. There are ways of checking your channel and finding a better one on the internet but now there’s another way, one that doesn’t involve going out and spending a fortune on expensive gadgets.  With a  simple beer can you can boost your Wi-Fi signal by 2 more bars.

wifi beer can trick

Steps to Use Beer can to Increase WiFi :

  1. Make sure the can is empty with the tab popped;
  2. Slice the bottom of the can off;
  3. Slice the top of the can but leave it connected by about an inch to the main body of the can near to the tab hole;
  4. Slice up the can, turning it into a flat sheet;
  5. Slide the antenna of your router through the tab hole and flatten out the rest of the can and, hey presto, an increased Wi-Fi signal for next to nothing.

YouTube Video :

Using this very effective method you can say goodbye to frustration and hello to faster uploads instead of dial-up speed.