How to Add Weather Widget in Mac OSX Desktop

Are you bored of your Mac desktop ? Want to jazz it up a little ? What about adding some floating widgets ?  All of the widgets are available within the Dashboard, a feature that is little used these days. Instead of having the Dashboard hover over your desktop though, now you can remove the widgets individually and have them floating on your desktop.  This works with the most up to date Mac OS X so here’s how to spice it up a little :


First, enable Dashboard Developer Mode :

  1. Open Terminal and enter this text:  defaults write devmode YES
  2. Pull down the Apple menu, choose System Preferences
  3. Select Mission Control Panel
  4. Remove the check mark from Show Dashboard as a space
  5. Back to the Apple menu, log out and log back in again so the changes can take effect.

Now you can start to bring the widgets out onto your desktop.

  1. Open the Dashboard, normally the F4 key
  2. Select a widget, click and hold, press F4 at the same time
  3. Repeat for as many widgets as you want.

Place each widget where you want it on your desktop, however, do bear in mind that, as they float over the top of your documents or apps, you don’t really want too many on there. Perhaps just picking one or two of the more important ones would be best.

To remove widgets, it is simply a case of reversing the process:

  1. Click on the Widget, hold and press F4
  2. Release F4 so that the widget goes back into the dashboard
  3. Repeat for as many widgets as you want to remove

It’s up to you if you want to leave Dashboard in developer mode, it won’t do any harm. If you want to disable it though:

  1. Launch Terminal and type defaults write devmode NO
  2. Log out and log back in again using the Apple menu

Note that this will not remove the widgets from your desktop, which must be done manually as above.  This short video demonstrates what you can expect to see.