How To Add Dial Extension Number Button To Contacts On iPhone

If you are a business user of the iPhone, or regularly call people at companies who use a main switchboard then you will know just how frustrating it can be waiting to be put through to a specific extension number.  A handy little trick has been discovered, hidden within iOS that allows you to add the relevant extension number to the phone number in your contacts list.

Steps to add extension number to a phone number :

  1. Open up contacts.
  2. Select the + button if you are adding a new contact or, if adding to an existing one, select the contact and press on edit.
  3. Go to the section that allows you to add a phone number.
  4. For new contacts, enter the number then press on the button that reads +*#
  5. For existing contacts, place cursor at the end of the number and press on the +*# buttoniphone 5 extension dial iphone 5 extension dialer
  6. Select wait on the next screen, this will place a semicolon (;) at the end of the number.
  7. Add the extension number after the semicolon.
  8. Save and exit your contacts list. iphone 4 extension dialer-

Now, when you go into your contacts and select the number you have added, you should see a new button that reads dial xxx. You can now use this button to dial the extension number direct.  Thanks should go to Apple and iOS for making life a little bit easier for some of us.