How to Access Files on iPhone iPad iPod Touch using File Browsers

Do you find it difficult to browse files on your iDevice? Have you not managed to find the right piece of software to connect to your PC or Mac to make browsing easier?  Take a look at the following 3, all designed for easy access, transfer, installation and backups:

WinSCP – For Windows only

WinSCP itunes alternative-Optimized

This is a popular FTP client that wirelessly browses files on a compatible server, including a jailbroken iPhone running OpenSSH and it’s an open source piece of software. Wireless FTP can be frustrating slow at times and there are no shortcuts to key points in the iOS file system – you have to make your own bookmarks. You must also make sure that you change the pre-set password, especially if you are going to be running OpenSSH on your phone in public places.

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iTools – For Windows and Mac

iTools iphone 5 itunes alternative

This is a very intuitive, easy to use, ad-free program that works on plug and play. It includes easy shortcuts to files on the OS file system and you can even make your own ringtones if you want.  Drag and drop for .deb packages is included for cydia installation as well.  There are a couple of downsides – the first one is that you can’t change permissions through the software. The second one, although it may be standard, is that you get a statement come up that says the co behind iTools might be collecting your information but its limited to

“name, gender, age, date of birth, identity card number, home address, education level, company situation, industry, and hobbies.”

That’s quite a lot of information considering it’s supposed to be limited and there could be some security and privacy issues here.

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iFunbox – For Windows and Mac

iFunbox alternative itunes-Optimized

The first thing you are confronted with when you open up iFunbox is an ad-based “find more aps” page. Going into the Classic tab will give you access to all your files and information as well as the raw system file for your chosen device  Thee is a handy little feature that allows you to inspect your existing apps to see which ones are likely to leak your personal info.  There are no message import shortcuts and it is very heavily ad-supported. It’s also closed source and contains features that are aimed at piracy but if you are happy with that then it’s not a bad program to use.

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It might take you a while but you should find that one of these programs will suit your requirements and will do what you want it to do easily enough.