How iPhone 5 will look like – Video

Update : iPhone 5 was revealed on Sept 12 2012 . Here is everything you need to know about iPhone 5 – Complete Review .

iPhone 5 – The Phone for Spies . Sam Beckett has produced a video of how the soon-to-be announced iPhone 5 might look like. Showing the new 4-inch screen, relocated headphone jack and the new nano sim the video packs an impressive punch. The best bit of this video (if only it were true)  , has to be the concept of a fingerprint scanner built into the home button. If that were to happen I could imagine the phone being an instant hit with anyone who ever played spies when they were younger .

fingerprint security scanner iphone 5

Alas, along with the mission controls featured in the video, it is pure fantasy and something that we won’t be seeing this year, if ever. Although mission control is something Apple should seriously consider as it looks relatively useful!

The full screen ability has been common knowledge for a while and is definitely going to improve the usability of the phone. It’s small screen, when compared to other phones, makes it hard to share when watching a video or showing off a new app, but hopefully the .5 of an inch increase will help bring Apple fans together .

mini dock iphone 5 buy-

The new mini dock connector is also confirmed and expected to feature on the new iPods, iPads as well as the iPhone 5. The other items in the short film, however, are all based on various leaks and unconfirmed reports. The apps it mentions, passbook and Siri etc., are definitely for real as Apple have already released the Sneak Peak of the iOS 6.

9 pin usb dock cable

The statement of the thinner and lighter phone is unconfirmed although people are no doubt keeping their fingers crossed. As Apple are reluctant to make any huge changes to their basic design, except the new two-tone back, a rumor as small as a weight decrease has us all on tenterhooks !

iPhone 5 concept – on YouTube :