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Here is an exclusive preview of How the iPad is made and assembled in factories of FoxConn , worlds 10th largest employer , the first being US Department of Defence . Shanghai Bureau Chief Rob Schmitz was recently granted an extremely rare opportunity to visit the factory floor and shoot this video . In fact Rob Schmitz is only the second reporter ever to gain access to visit the factory floor at Apple’s Chinese producer Foxconn . The video below gives us a tour of the assembly process and interviews with a few of the quarter million Chinese migrant workers employed at the plant who are paid around $14 a day for this mundane day job . Around 240,000 people work here with nearly 50,000 of them live on campus in shared dorm rooms .

Inside Foxconn Factory : Youtube Video

How much it takes to build an iPad :

inside ipad 2 teardown iPad 2 parts

The folks at iSuppli have cracked open an iPad 2 to determine the cost of making it . Findings show that the 32 GB CDMA iPad 2 model costs $323.25 to make while it sells for $499 , that’s 34% profit . More than one-third of the iPad 2’s expense comes from its 9.7 inch Retina display which costs approximately $127 . The original iPad cost about $295 to make (parts, labor, everything.) It sells for $499, meaning 41% profit. This doesn’t account for R&D, infrastructure, transportation etc. Still those are some pretty healthy margins .

[ Image : Worlds largest employers ]

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