Hide Tethering Usage with PDANet

PDANET version 5.0 has been released to hide tethering use which is causing AT&T users some trouble [Read:  AT&T Sending Tethering Fee Alerts] .


PDANet is an alternative to MyWi which enables WiFi tethering of your iPhone [Internet Sharing]. This means you can connect your tethered iPhone  to your laptop or another iPhone – iPod Touch and iPad via WiFi where your Tethered iPhone will appear as a WiFi Hotspot . This allows you to use access internet though the wireless provider on your tethered iPhone (unlimited internet access if you are using AT&T in the United States).

New version of PDANet will mask your tethering use , so that you carrier wont know that your device is jailbroken and using free tethering services which is not allowed otherwise .

Version 5.0 Features :

  • Adds an option to hide your tethering usage.
  • Allows multiple WiFi connections.

Download :

We have already covered about PDANet in our previous post where we have also explained how to Download and Install PDANET through Cydia. Also check out MyWi and native Personal HotSpot Feature for AT&T users .