Hide any iPhone App without Jailbreaking

The non-jailbreak tweak that we recently showed you about Newsstand has opened up the way for many more. Here’s another that you can do, using the tweak, to hide any app on your Home screen.  Here’s how:

  1. Choose the apps you want to hide and put them all in one folder; place this on page 3 of the Home screen
  2. Put Newsstand on the second page
  3. Use the Newsstand glitch to put the folder with the apps you picked in step 1 into Newsstand. You must be on page 3 of the Home screen to do this – tap the Home button and straightaway tap and hold the folder. You will be taken back to page 1, very quickly swipe to page 2. If your phone goes into wiggle mode it has worked.  Tap Newsstand and press the Home button; that folder of apps should now be in Newsstand.
  4. Either reboot  or use the respring glitch to restart the phone.
  5. Now check the Newsstand folder. You should not be able to see the app folder as it should be hidden from sight.
  6. If you want to recover the apps that are hidden, either reboot or respring the iPhone again.

YouTube Video :

Even though they are hidden you can still launch them by using Spotlight search – simply search for and then tap on the app and it will open. If you want to you can hide virtually every app on your Home screen, except for Newsstand of course.