Here’s How Apple Plans to Fix iOS 6 Maps

We are all aware of the mess commonly known as Apple’s iOS Maps App, and we all know that entire streets, towns and cities have been completely removed, while others were moved to a different place, sometimes a different country. But, don’t worry because Apple have plans to put it all right again. And how are they doing this? Well, by changing the  world to match the app of course!


Well, not really. I mean, mighty as they are even Apple can’t move mountains – can they ?  Comedy Factory The Onion have produced a hilarious video short showing exactly how Apple are planning to achieve this monumental change, by removing cities, moving some to the middle of the sea and even to different countries altogether.  And Google have not been left out int he cold ither as they end the video stating that they are “gathering the resources for a rival earth”.

Watch the Video :

In reality though, the Maps app did leave users completely lost, in more than one sense of the word. Although a few changes have been made the app is still far from perfect and there is even talk of Google putting the finishing touches to a new iOS Maps App, although there is no news on when it will be read. The longer they leave it the more time Apple has to put their app right, or change the world, whichever is easiest for them.