Make HD Phone Calls from iPhone 5 for Free

Not only iPhone tariffs, but pretty much all smartphones on contract are expensive. They don’t break the bank but they are not mega affordable either. One of the main selling points of a contract phone is that you get it for ‘free’, but once you’ve added up those £30 per month payments you’re making for the next 2 years you might realize that actually you’ve not only paid for the phone but with the amount of data, minutes and calls you haven’t used you’ve paid a considerable amount extra that you could otherwise have saved.

viber iphone 5 free calls

For some people saving up £400+ for your favourite smartphone just isn’t feasible. Maybe you don’t work enough, don’t get paid enough or just enjoy spending your money! Whatever the reason a not so new, but not so old, phenomenon is taking place, and this is the growing popularity of calling and messaging service such as WhatsApp or, in this case, Viber.

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If you pay a little extra for your phone up front you can get a significantly reduced monthly payments and the decrease in your free messages and minutes won’t have to be a bad thing because with the services that apps like Viber provide you can easily get away with 100 minutes and 50 texts a month and be perfectly comfortable in the knowledge that these will be enough.

Viber offers across network and platform HD calls for as well as text messaging, picture messaging and group messaging. This app is completely free, not even a one off payment like the aforementioned WhatsApp and you can use it’s services as much as possible without incurring any charges from the app, although on 3G it will use up your data. It also uses WiFi, which will not use your data, and promises the best sound quality and to honour your privacy as a user.

There is no need to sync your contacts or for a new phone number as Viber automatically detects who in your contact list is using the app.

Viber works across iOS, Android, Bada, Nokia, Windows and Blackberry so no matter what phone your friend has you will be able to connect to each other for free with Viber.

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