Hands on with Ubuntu Smartphone

CES 2013 is throwing out some real surprises this year, one of which is from Canonical, parent company of Ubuntu.  Up until now, Ubuntu has been an open source desktop OS, with an Android version as well. However, this new operating is completely different from all the others and is looking highly likely to be a serious competitor for the likes of iOS, Android, Blackberry, Nokia and Windows Phone.

Ubuntu for smartphones is an open source operating system that is capable of running both native and web apps together and, unusual for an OS, it has no buttons. Everything is done by gestures and it has an almost 360 degree feel to it; swipe left for People, left again for music, go right for your Apps page.  Touch the top of the screen and a carousel appears with your networks, date and time, and messages – each one can be swiped down to reveal more information.

Everything about this OS is smooth and fluid-like. Take a look at this short video, showing the OS being demoed at CES and see for yourself.  More information should be revealed at the Mobile World Congress, held in February with hardware possible being released later on this year.