Guy Implants Magnet in His Arm to Hold an iPod

While designers are busy making wrist bands for the iPod Nano , here is crazy fan who used body piercing to hold the iPod Nano in his wrist . Dave Hurban, of Newfield New Jersey carries his iPod with him via magnets implanted in his arm . Although we think it looks cool at the end when you wear the iPod Nano like that , but then we cannot recommend surgically installing magnets into your body . See the video below for more details of the crazy/creative art .

Though some call it stupid , but  by the looks of it the person in the video appears to be a tattoo artist or least a person that does piercing/dermal implants , something you need medical knowledge and must know the human body quite well to do so. He must have talent to be able to do it with only one hand while withholding the pain on the other , unless of course he used anesthetic .

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