Griffin iPhone Controlled Helicopter Drone Review

Fly Griffin remote-controlled drone helicopter using your iPhone 4 . The light weight drone has a metal frame with a black polycarbonate body which can be controlled during flight using an infrared remote (image below) that plugs into your iPhone 4. Control using the helicopter controller app available Free in App Store .

iphone drone remote controlled helicopter

The device named Helo TC is an indoor helicopter that can be controlled using your iOS device . It comes with an iOS app for controlling the drone during flight . Use your iPhone’s multi-touch display as a virtual joystick to control the Helo TC and use iPhone’s inbuilt accelerometer for Tilt-to-Fly option with forward, back and side to side to controls .

drone iphone 4

Other features include 5 LED lights for night flying and replaceable main and tail rotor systems . The drone can be charged using any USB source . Connect the infrared module to your iPhone 4 headphone slot and start flying . Designed for ages 14 and up .

Helo TC is Priced $49.98 . Buy Now .

Watch Helo TC in action in the video below :

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