GridLock Lets You Custom Arrange HomeScreen Icons

GridLock is one of the Top Jailbreak Apps of all times , which allows you to arrange icons on your springboard [homescreen] in a way you want. Drag your icons to any location and make them stay there .

How to use GridLock ?

  1. First jailbreak your device and install Cydia
  2. Download GridLock Jailbreak App from Cydia**
  3. Now tap and hold an icon till it starts to wiggle .
  4. Now hold and bring the icon to the position where you want to keep them .
  5. Press homescreen to remove wiggle .

grid lock
#Tip : Read Jailbreak App to stop the wiggling of icons  – NoWiggle

** GridLock is a premium app available for $0.99 in BigBoss Repository . If you are unable to buy the app , you can also download it from iHackStore repository for Free . Please note that we dont support cracked apps . Use it for evaluation only . To add iHackSrore , launcg Cydia and Add the following source . See this video to learn more about Adding Repository/Source on Cydia .

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