GreenPoison Jailbreak Tutorial

Update : GreenPoison Jailbreak on iOS 4.2.1 is released. Follow the link here for details .

Great news for Iphone 4 Users , GreenPoison is live for download on MAC and Windows. Only a few minutes ago , @posixninja tweeted the good news. For those who can’t make it work with Limera1n , here is GreenPoison for them .

green poison jailbreak iphone 4

Good news for MAC users , they can now Jailbreak their device using the latest GreenPoison release . Stay tuned , i am in the process of writing the tutorial for GreenPoison now. Bookmark this page by pressing Cltr+D and come back in a few minutes. Share this page with your friends on Facebook , and spread the good news.

Update 1 : The MAC button on is not working at the moment , looks like the dev team is still working on it. So its is available for Windows users only ,at the time of positing this update

Update 2 : GreenPoison RC3 build is released. Check it out.

Useful Links :

Please Note : GreenPoison will work on iOS 4.1 only . So upgrade after saving your SHSH blobs , and follow the upgrade using Tinyumbrella tutorial for preserving your baseband.

Steps to Jailbreak using GreenPoison :

  1. Download GreenPoison Jailbreak for Window | MAC
  2. Unzip the file on your desktop using winrar
  3. Now turn off your iPhone 4 iPod touch 4
  4. Connect your device with the USB cable
  5. Now click on prepare to jailbreak button on the greenpoison windowgreenposion
  6. A timer will start on the screen showing your exactly how long you must keep holding the buttons on your device.greenpoison
  7. Just follow the timer and the process will complete jailbreaking your device.

Greenpois0n-iphone 4-Jailbreak

Greenpois0n-iphone 4-Jailbreak-04

Greenpois0n-iphone 4-Jailbreak-06

Here is a video tutorial explaining the above steps . Thanks to our reader Miranda for the Video tip .

Please Note :

Thos who are having trouble while installing GreenPoison jailbreak , Check this page for possible reasons why you can’t work it out , little troubleshooting here : GreenPoison Not Working

Update : Watch the GreenPosion Jailbreak Video if you are having trouble following this step by step tutorial.

Update 2 : GreenPoison vs LimeRa1n Jailbreak – A Comparison