GreenPois0n Release Date Update – Countdown Begins

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Good news for iPhone 4 usersĀ  , we got an interesting tweet from @pod2g [the guy who discovered the shatter exploit] , when asked about an ETA for GreenPosi0n. Here is what he tweeted .


This was tweeted few hours ago as we are keeping an eye on every jailbreak development 24 x 7 so that you don’t have to , bringing reliable information from reliable sources . PosixNinja confirmed the above statement from @pod2g with the tweet below.


GreenPosi0n is the most awaited iPhone 4 Jailbreak of all times . Only two days ago the Dev team published the video of the working exploit on iPod Touch 4 running on iOS 4.1 . There is every reason to believe that the Chronic Dev Team is near completion . It was great to know that pod2g is still helping the team with the jailbreak , which seemed uncertain after he quit Chronic Dev Team and we thought this would delay the overall development of GreenPois0n.

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This was tweeted by Chronic Dev Team few minutes ago .


So guys , stay patient . I know a lot of you are stuck with only the iPod functionality of your iPhone . Its only the matter of few days before you’ll be able to jailbreak your device . Stay updated with Jailbreak News via Email [subscribe box at the bottom of the page] . Join us on Facebook .