GPS Navigator App for Iphone 4 – CoPilot Sat Nav System

Having a turn by turn GPS on your iPhone can be a good thing. Sometimes Google Maps isn’t good enough for roadtrips. CoPilot Live app for iphone 4 turns your iphone 4 into a powerful Sat Nav System. CoPilot sets a new standard in mobile navigation. It’s the most powerful CoPilot yet, bringing the latest navigation and mapping technology to your iphone 4.

Download CoPilot Live (for US , UK and Ireland Maps) for iPhone on iPhone App Store . You can now install the iPhone version of CoPilot Live on your iPad aswell. This iPhone and iPod Touch application provides flight planning, weight and balance, and basic moving map in a single interface. CoPilot Live for iPhone comes in at a breakthrough price of $34.99 for a voice-enabled GPS navigation app in apple store. Unlike Nokia Ovi Maps which gives pretty decent voice based navigation for free.