Google Working on Airplay Alternative for Android

Despite just being a “hobby” according to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, Apple TV is doing extremely well and is now onto its third generation.  Following the latest release in March of this year it is now better than ever with a higher resolution and a brand new user interface.  Apple TV is designed to be used as a means of streaming digital content from a whole host of places, such as iTunes Store, Netflix, YouTube and Flicker onto a high-definition television. It also allows users of Mac OS X and Windows on the desktop that are running iTunes to do the same and it is done via Apple’s wireless technology,  Airplay, formerly known as Airtunes.


However, Google have stepped up to the plate and challenged Apple with a similar product to Airplay.  Rumour has it that they are currently working on their own alternative to Airplay, and claim that they are “hoping to bring a number of device and software vendors on board to provide the industry with an open technology to exchange data between second screens and TV-connected devices.”

Android already have an alternative to Airplay in DLNA but it’s certainly not the best. The experience and features you can actually access are different with each Android device – there isn’t one that offers everything, unlike Apple devices that get the whole package. Google is really hoping that this latest idea of theirs will change that, although it will need to be something special. Google TV is not doing nearly as well as they hoped it would and, the lack of a wireless accessory support for Android is not doing them much good either.

Whether Google can come up with a serious contender to go against Apple remains to be seen. At the moment, it’s a case fo watch this space which, of course will be easier for those on an Apple device than those on Android.

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