Google Map for iOS with Turn-by-Turn Navigation – Coming Soon in AppStore

Apple has always used Google Map Apps on their devices so what changed this time?  September saw the release of the iPhone 5, with iOS 6 but no Google Maps. Instead, Apple replaced it with their own in-house version, advertised with turn-by-turn navigation and 3-D mapping.   They claimed that, in order to provide the service their customers needed they had to build the Maps “from the ground up”.  It would appear that the Maps themselves took a wrong turn and what the consumers got was a completely new world.

turn by turn navigation ios 6 iphone GPS

The native maps app was a disaster from the word go, with streets missing, town and roads wrongly named and, in some cases entire locations completely misplaced or just wiped off the map.  Apple supposedly got their mapping data from Tom Tom who produces some of the most accurate navigation devices in the world.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple went on record with a public apology and promised that they would be fixing the problems and that, in the meantime consumers should download an alternative source of mapping from the App store, such as Bing , Waze or Nokia Maps.  iPhone owners are still waiting for this fix to materialize.


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Not for much longer though. Word is out that Google Maps will be back in the Apple App Store, hopefully by the end of this year.  The new maps will come complete with turn-by-turn navigation, something that was not available in pre iOS 6 versions in the App store.  They are, at this moment putting the final touches in place and making sure that they do not experience any glitches when the app goes live. There is a test version doing the rounds at the moment and the whispers are suggesting that it will not be long before those who took a wrong turn will soon be back on track with the Google Maps app.

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