Google Latitude Makes Tracking Friends Easy

Google Latitude is now available for free download on Apple App Store after having a short appearance sometime back . So what does this app let you do ?

Google Latitude lets you find your friends on a map in real-time . It tracks the location stats making it easy for you to find them in a crowded place or meet at someplace new . This app will show the location of your friends visually on map [image below].


Latitude shares your location constantly with your buddies [you get the option to choose who can see you]. You can also control your privacy by sharing City only location , mark your own location and disabling real-time update .

Watch Google Latitude in Action – YouTube Video :

Download & Compatibility :

Google Latitude app is compatible to run on Iphone 3GS 3G 4 and iPod Touch 3rd 4th Generation running iOS 4.0 or later . Download Link [iTunes]

Quick Update : You can also visit the web app for Google latitude here [Link :] and see your friends directly on your computer without having a compatible phone running Latitude . This way you can keep track of friends with latitude enabled on their device from the comfort of your home.


Google latitude is also available for Android , Windows and Symbian Phones with inbuilt GPS feature .  To get more apps , visit our Apps Category . If you like this article , be a Fan on Facebook .