Get Google + For iPhone

Google + is now on iPhone . Available for download in App Store , lets see what Google + has in store for us .

Google + iPhone 4

About Google +

Most of you may already be aware of Google new social networking site named Google + . Initially available for joining via invitation only , Google + is now open to all to register . It allows you to connect with your friends and create your own circles. Share your private information just with the right kind of people and maintain your own level of privacy with your friends , family and relatives .

Google + Interface

The interface of Google + is the most talked about feature . Its clean and simplistic which goes along social networking very well . The iPhone app  gives you the ability to check into a location like Facebook Places, add location data to your posts, and share photos from your camera roll .

Download :

To download Google+ in your iPhone just launch the App Store app and type Google + in the search box. Tap and install . Not available on iPod Touch and iPad .