Gift Ideas for iPhone Users this Christmas

The Holiday Season is fast approaching and it is time to start looking for those last-minute gifts for your friends and family who use Apple products. has a great range of gifts for the iPhone or iPad user in your life. Here are some of the top gift ideas:

  1. Plasma balls : plasma lamp plasma ballPlasma Balls are a great fun gadget gift for adding a little light to your home, car or even your desk. They are powered by battery, USB or wirelessly and are priced from $5 for a small one up to around $42 for a larger model. Available online .
  2. Ninja Dagger : ninja dagger fridge magnetNinja Dagger or Knife magnets come in sets of 2 and are available in black or gold. They include a small hole so that, as well as a fridge magnet they can transformed into neat key rings. Also available in the same range are Shuriken magnet sets and they are all priced at between $18 and $20 per set. Buy Link .
  3. Gloves for Touchscreen : iphone leather-touchscreen-glovesTouchscreen gloves are always a popular idea for Christmas and what better than a pair of Multi-Touch screen gloves.  Specially designed to keep your hands warm and be able to use your iPhone at the same time, these are priced at between $30 and $35 and come in a range of colours. More details
  4. iPhone Cases : leather cover iphone 5 pinkCases are also a good idea to help protect expensive iPhones from damage and to make them look good.  There are a wide range of different ones, with some of the best being the iBlason leather flip case at $14.95 and the Gelaskin, tough and scratch proof skin in a range of different designs at $14.95.  For the runner or jogger in your life think about the Belkin Easefit Plus Armband case that holds the phone securely to your wrist while running, priced at around $23. See the collection of latest cases .
  5. MacBook decals :best macbook decals Macbook decals are great little gifts. These are used to give your MacBook a brand new look without detracting from its functionality and they all integrate the lit-up Apple Logo as well. These are available in a range of designs such as Batman, Ironman, and Snow White amongst others and are available for as little as $3. See our Decal Collection .
  6. Vinyl Skin :ipad vinyl skin For the iPad user what about an iPad Vinyl Skin ?  Available in a wood grain effect, titanium or carbon fibre look, these give your iPad a face-lift and are priced at either $19.95 or $29.95. Try it now .
  7. iPhone 5 Sports Headphones : iphone 5 jogging headphonesiPhone sports headphones are a good idea for the fitness fanatic. There are a wide range of different ones available but 2 of the more reasonably priced ones are the Jabra Sport Bluetooth headphones at $67 or the Sennheiser PMX 680i wired set for $57. Read about their features .
  8. USB chargers : duracell rechargeablePortable USB chargers are always handy, especially if your iPhone needs a boost while you are out. Duracell has come up with a couple of neat  USB chargers ranging in price up to $35 which will give your iPhone that much-needed top up of battery power, wherever you are. Get one here .
  9. Remote Controlled Planes trol For the more serious gamer we have the AR Parrot Drone. It’s still a helicopter and it is still controlled by using the iPhone as the remote control but unlike the iHelicopter, it uses Wi-Fi so you don’t need to be directly in line to control it. It also features cameras for live video streaming and is priced at around $300. Read the features of AR Parrot Drone here .
  10. iPod Shuffle : ipod shuffle 2013The iPod shuffle is the perfect gift for the music lover in your life. With a 2GB memory, it can hold around 500 tunes and will pay for up to 15 hours on one charge. Priced at $50.
  11. Security and Surveillance Cameras : iphone controlled spy camera surveillanceThe Remote Room Monitor is a tiny surveillance camera that is controlled by an app on your iDevice.  It has a motion sensor, records directly on to you device and is priced at $129 here .
  12. Wireless Speakers : iphone Wireless-Bluetooth-Portable-SpeakerAgain, for the music lover, why not try the Satechi Wireless iPhone Speaker. It works on Bluetooth and can be used to operate your iPhone as a mini music centre or as a speakerphone for phone calls. It is charged via USB and will play for around 6 hours on each charge and it is priced at around $49.

As you can see, there are tons of gift ideas for the iPhone or iPad user in your life and all are guaranteed to be the perfect surprise for a Christmas gift this year.

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