Gevey Sim Blocked by Apple

Latest update about Gevey Sim . If you are using Gevey Sim Unlock for your iPhone 4, read this . Apple has blocked the way Gevey Sim unlock works to carrier unlock iPhone 4 . According to iPhone Dev team , Apple in its latest iOS 5 Beta 2 release has blocked the Gevey Sim Interposer method and it wont work anymore once you upgrade your unlocked phone to iOS 5 firmware .


What next ?

You don’t have to worry yet . iOS 5 is available only for developers now and not coming before August 2011.  iPhone Dev Team may come out with a solution for this problem . As you may already know that they are successful in jailbreaking iOS 5 using Redsnow . They may come up with a jailbreak tweak that will make Gevey Sim work again . So now you may have to jailbreak in order to unlock your iPhone 4 with Gevey Sim .

iOS 5 gevey sim not working-

We can wait and watch if the Gevey Sim makers come up with a different unlock solution to work with iOS 5 firmware . Recently they  release Gevey Sim Ultra that requires no 112 emergency number dialing .

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