iPhone 4 Unlocked Using Gevey Sim Technique

A guy named Dill Huang has carrier unlocked Iphone 4 using the same IMSI -112 Emergency Number Exploit used by Gevey Sim Interposer but without using a Gevey Sim for the process . He has posted a video showing the method [below].

gevey sim alternative unlock

How it works :

First he inserts Sim A into iphone 4 and dials 112 . After 2 seconds he hangs up , changes to Airplane Mode and removes Sim A from its slot . He now inserts Sim B and disables Airplane mode . The iphone 4 which is on baseband 03.10.01 us unlocked and starts showing signal bars for the unlocked carrier .

Sim B here contains the test IMSI programmed on it . We are still not sure how the user is going to do that or he has to buy an additional piece of hardware like the SIM Card Reader to do this .

Just like Gevey Sim Unlock , this method requires dialing emergency number 112 which maybe illegal in your country according to MuscleNerd .

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[Thanks to our reader iHayyo for the tip ] .