Get Unlimited International Mobile and Landline Calls

May 2011 saw the acquisition of multi-million dollar VoIP giant Skype by the equally large computer giant  Microsoft. Since making the $8.5 billion purchase, Microsoft have been working overtime to get the software onto as many products as possible and their hard work seems to be paying off.  Virtually every Microsoft desktop computer, laptop, smart phone or tablet you buy these days has Skype already pre-installed on it, it’s just a case of registering as a user.  Not only has this roll-out been followed by an avalanche of new apps for as many different platforms as you can think of it, it has also resulted in a huge number of promotions.


One such promotion is the offer of a whole month of free worldwide calls to land-line and mobile numbers, using Skype.  Now, as a high percentage of Skype users purchase credit each month to make these calls, this is a marvelous opportunity for them to get a little bit more for nothing out of the system.

There is something a little bit funny about the promotion though. First of all, it is only available to regular Skype users who have been a member for more than 30 days. As Microsoft really need to start recouping some of their massive investment you would have thought it would make sense to make the offer available for new customers, not existing ones.

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Secondly, this offer is only being made available to a certain number of people and it is time limited. The promotion cannot be found on the Skype website anywhere and seems to be only  for those who have received an invitation by email.

Third, in order to get your free month of calling you have to sign up with a credit card or accepted payment method.  This will cost you a $1 processing fee and then its up to you to cancel before the month is up, otherwise you wind up buying a monthly subscription for $13.99 that you may not have wanted.

However, for those that only use Skype for Free Skype-to-Skype calling,  buy Skype credit or a subscription that limits them to one country only, this is an excellent way for them to get to know the benefits worldwide calling can bring. Remember to see your self a reminder to cancel if you don’t want to continue and there shouldn’t be any problems.

Source : Skype