Gangnam Style YouTube Video Hits 1 Billion Views

Yesterday, YouTube video Gangnam Style became the first to ever hit a massive 1 billion views.  Performed by South Korean rapper, PSY, the video was first posted back in July but it didn’t really take off until August. As more people viewed and shared the video, by September it was reporting between 7 and 10 million views every day, with around 12 million on Saturdays.

Gangnam Wolverine kpop

In the space of just 5 months, the video has managed to knock down some of the most viewed YouTube videos ever, pushing the likes of Justin Bieber’s “Baby” into second place with 813.5 million views.  Jennifer Lopez with “On the Floor” has dropped to 3rd with 632.7 million and the 2007 viral video “Charlie Bit My Finger” has been knocked down to 4th with 500.2 million views at the time of writing.

Although PSY is highly popular in Korea itself, the YouTube video has sent him and his music worldwide and has inspired a brand new dance craze. Flash mobs have been seen in Jakarta and athletes and celebrities everywhere have been seen copying the popular horse-riding style dance moves in public.  A second, female version of the song featuring Hyuna has also been released and this one has already knocked up over 200 million views of its own.

Gangnam Style : Female Version

Gangnam Style is the lead song on PSY’s 6th K-POP album with a 7th due for release in March 2013. Strangely enough, although the song has been hugely popular, the album itself has only managed to sell around 100,000 copies in Korea.

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