Game Centre Hack Allows Faking Highest Scores

Iphone developers are creating a jailbreak app that will allow you to Fake your Game Centre Scores. The new app soon to be introduced in Cydia [Jailbreak App Store] will allow you easy tweak to change your High Scores for Game Centre enabled games .game_centre_hack

The Jailbreak app named Hack Centre will send anonymous data [the hacked score] to Game Centre Servers at the end of the game [screenshot attached below] allowing you to beat even the best score. Its kind of unfair , but then its just a hack to get fake credits.

game centre hacked score

Watch the Jailbreak app in action – YouTube Video :

To get the hack on your Iphone Ipod Touch 4 and Ipad , you’ll need to Jailbreak your device . Its a simple process requiring you to download a Jailbreak tool and follow some steps . To Jailbreak your iphone or ipod touch just follow the links below .

If you are a first time jailbreaker, make sure you read the FAQ section before proceeding .

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