Galaxy S4 Launch Event Confirmed

Update :The launch of Samsung’s next Galaxy phone the S4 has been confirmed . The launch date is set to March 14th 2012 . See the official press release .


When Korean electronics giant, Samsung decided to turn their hand to Android devices, it was quite possibly the best decision they have ever made. Every year we see yet another member of the highly successful Galaxy family of devices make their debut, each one even better than the last.  The Galaxy SIII was released last year and, almost immediately, chatter started up about the next one, the Galaxy S IV. We’ve heard about desired designs and specs, amongst other things.


We expect to see leaked documents and images before a new major product is launched – it’s a way of keeping interest alive. We’ve already seen one image that purported to be the new SIV although there was nothing that could identify it as being such. Now we have what looks like the first genuine press image of it.

It’s come from Picasa and it’s been there for a while, undetected, even though the title clearly says “Galaxy S IV GT-I9500 Product Image”.  It looks nothing like the previous image; the home button is clearly larger than that on other Galaxy phones, it has slimmer bezels and it’s more symmetrical. And, take a look at the date displayed on the home screen – April 22nd.

When images of the SIII were leaked before release the displayed date read May 3rd – the exact date that Samsung announced it to the world. If this one follows on we could be seeing an official launch of the new Samsung Galaxy SIV on April 22nd of this year – if this image is indeed of that phone.