Future of Jailbreaking is very bright says Planetbeing

Towards the end of last year it seemed that jailbreakers were losing heart and some even believed that jailbreaking was dead. The main reason for this was down to the absence of a jailbreak for iOS 6 and the iPhone 5.

However, it looks as though this reason will soon no longer be an issue.  The dev team have been really hard at work trying to work through the problems encountered this time around, but it looks as though they have finally made real progress. This tweet from planetbeing:

“Tons of progress the last few days. I think the future is looking bright for jailbreaking. :)”.

planetbeing iphone 5 jailbreak

There’s way too much activity for this to be all smoke and no fire. Energy is running at its highest for some time and this normally signifies that something big is about to happen. There have also been some really great jailbreak tweaks being finalized, such as Auxo.

As always at this stage in the game, be patient, continue to give the Dev team your support and wait for is looking likely to be an explosive year for jailbreakers.