Future of Bendable Tablets – Video

Tablets have come an awful long way since the original Apple iPad and as time goes by, they are getting slimmer with much improved performance.  Screen displays are amazing compared to the original ones and they have far more enhanced capabilities. But, what would you think if you were told that, one day, you would be able to buy a tablet that was as thin as paper and bendable?  This year’s Consumer Electronics Show saw the unveiling of the PaperTab from Plastic Logic.

Plastic Logic teamed up with both Intel and Queens University to bring this idea to us. It’s very flexible, made of plastic and has a 10.7”paper-thin E-Ink display. It is powered by a second generation Intel Core i5 processor.

What makes it even more different is that, where normal tablets display multiple apps, the PaperTab can only display one. However, although you need one for each app, they very cleverly interact with each other making it easy to work on multiple apps or documents at the same time.

You can send emails by bending the top corner, flick through videos by bending the bottom corners and you can make one huge display out of multiple tabs by linking them all together. They each keep track of the location of the other ones and are very easy to use.

At the moment the PaperTab has only been prototyped in E-Ink, although a colour display is in the works and Plastic Logic say that you could be seeing this type of technology within the next 3 to 5 years.