The iOS app store has to be the most popular in the world, at least amongst the mobile stores. Cydia is the most popular when it comes to getting the content that we really want, the content that Apple doesn’t allow into the store. Right now, we don’t have too many jailbreaks to choose from and that means missing out on our favorite apps and games. At least it did until FtOS was released for everyone to use.

Image : FtOS Download Tutorial

What is FtOS ?

FtOS [ext link] is one of the most popular third-party app stores to go up against Cydia. Although none of the app installers or third-party stores released can ever offer as much as the jailbreak store does FtOS is giving it a good go. It is the latest in many that have made their way onto the open market and is also dead simple to use. FtOS content has all been sorted into categories that are conveniently located for you to find your content easier:

  • iPhone utility apps
  • Older app versions
  • Modified apps 
  • Duplicate apps
  • Paid or premium apps for free
  • Games

In all these categories, you should find pretty much everything you could possibly want and there are even a few Cydia [ext link] tweaks thrown in for good measure

Jailbreak Status :

Time was we would have jailbreaks coming at us from all directions but in the last year, things have been somewhat slack. The only real jailbreak we have seen is Yalu jailbreak form Luca Todesco and that was not suitable for all devices, as well as being a semi-untethered jailbreak, something of a step backward in jailbreak terms.

Because of this and because Apple is determined to put a stop to jailbreaking for good, we should expect the gaps between Cydia updates to get bigger and more third-party app stores being released to fill in those gaps. FtOS is a great alternative offering a huge choice of content that provides something for everyone.

How to Download FtOS :

You cant get FtOS from the iOS app store but we have drawn up a guide for you on how to download it easily so check out the post linked below:

What do you think of FtOS , a good alternative to Cydia or not ? We don’t know when we are going to see another jailbreak and, as FtOS is perfectly safe to use you don’t have anything to lose by downloading it.

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