Free VPN Services for iPhone

VPN or Virtual Private Network services allows you to browse the web anonymously from your computer , iPhone , iPad or iPod Touch using a secured layer of data encryption for each web connection . VPN provides a level of anonymity on the Internet that helps protect your data and identity from hackers , websites and the prying eyes of government ( Read SOPA ). Below are some Free VPN Service providers which gives access to their servers to protect your online identity without leaving any online footprint to trace you back . Most VPN service providers listed below support internet connections which includes DSL , 3G and cable internet .

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free vpn service iphone

Top Free VPN Service Providers for iPhone iPad iPod Touch Users :

  1. is a free to use cross-platform VPN service that focuses on securing the communication and preventing ISP logging system and other external monitoring sources from checking the websites you visit on your smart phone .
  2. is another free VPN service which provides both client and client-less VPN connection for mobile use . RaptorVPN offers PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling) and L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling) connection mode .
  3. is another good VPN service with all the protocol support which are in use on iPhone and iPad VPN Configuration . For Free users the limit to download/upload is 300 MB per day . Paid version with no bandwidth limit is also available .
  4. encrypts and compresses all internet connection and claims to have no bandwidth limit with ultra fast download
  5. HotSpot Shield VPN is an app available on AppStore that requires the app to run on your iOS device and no settings needed . The service is Free for the first 7 days of use . iTunes Link .
  6. gives access to their VPN service with new username and password everyday . You need to visit the site to get the daily changed configuration details . This is done to prevent any abuse .
  7. is a service just like SuperFreeVPN which changes its username and password very frequently (every 30 minutes) .

Paid VPN Services :

The number of Free VPN service providers is relatively small for those supporting client-less access to their services (i.e. PPTP and L2TP) . So we are including some paid VPN service providers aswell .

  1. : With L2TP/IPSec (256 bit) and PPTP (128 bit) encryption there is No Software to install . This works great for mobile devices like the iPhone and Android phones . It is also easy to set up . 1 Month €9.50

Note : Free VPN services come with a usage limit per month . Move to paid services for uninterrupted web access . None of the services above were tried and tested by us . It is advised to read reviews before making any online purchase and check for access speed on these services . All the services were available at the time of writing this post . Please leave us an email here if this post requires revision or post a comment below .