Free Texting Apps for iPhone

With the huge range of free-calling and messaging services available the option of getting an iPhone on pay as you go is looking more attractive every day. Why pay out huge fees for something that a simple app offers for free ? Here we look at 6 free messaging apps for your iPhone .

1. IMO

iphone 5 free testing app

Standing for “in my opinion” this app offers the best of a free messaging service. It allows you to sync your accounts from Facebook Chat, Google talk, Skype and AIM. Bringing all your contacts together it then allows you to send photos, video, voice messages and emoticons for free. It also includes group chats, push notifications and voice calling that works for both Android and iOS users and does not use up your contract minutes.

Download Link . iTunes

2. KaKao talk

texting app iphone 5

This is a free app that allows you to call and text for free from anywhere in the world provided you have a phone number! It has a number of quirky selling points, as well as some serious ones, like it’s support of twelve different languages and it’s funny voice filters that can be used to prank your friends, family or work colleagues (sick voice anyone?)! It also has group chats, free sending of photos and videos and animated emoticons. It’s walkie-talkie settings will make for a good laugh and it you add a favorite brand as a friend you can earn rewards. Good stuff .

Download Link . iTunes

3. WeChat

This app will give you free messaging, voice messaging and has a “shake” feature that allows you to exchange photos and contacts with nearby friends. The app can also help you get that cute guy’s number on the bus as you can use it’s “look around” feature to see if anyone close by has the app on their phone. As this across different platforms this feature is a definite plus .

Download Link . iTunes

4. Pinger

Pinger i an app that is compatible in over one hundred different countries. This is similar to a message based Instagram and allows users to see a friend’s photo, select it and view their messages, calls, voice-mails and photos. Pinger will give you a phone number and unlimited texts.

Download Link . iTunes

5.: TextPlus

This across the board messaging app provides its users with free and unlimited messaging to any other phone running the will receive a phone number and then you are free to text away all day to your friend’s on different platforms and networks. It’s group chat allows you to connect with people all around the world in a texting chat room. You can also send free pictures and voice messages.

Download Link . iTunes

6 . Viber

Viber offers free texting and calling to other Viber users . Viber is a multi-platform app that supports iPhone , Android , Bada OS (Samsung) , Symbian (Nokia) , Blackberry and Windows phone .

Download Link . iTunes

7 . iMessage

Apart from all these , all iPhone’s , iPod Touch and iPad’s supports iMessage . This is a free messaging feature on iOS that supports iOS to iOS free texting . To enable this you must have internet enabled on your device , via WiFi or Cellular . To enable iMessage , go to Settings > Messages > iMessage > Toggle On .