How can you Upgrade to iPhone 5 for Free

So now the initial stampede has died down for the iPhone 5 it might be that consumers using older iPhone handsets are looking enviously at their friends with sleek and shiny new ones and feeling that they just can not wait until their upgrade – they have to have one now . So if you are on contract and unable to upgrade this means you have to buy your new phone outright or buy out your existing contract in order to start a new one

upgrading iphone 5

Several things to consider here are :

  • Can you afford either of these options ?
  • Do you have your old iPhone to sell if you can’t ?
  • And take the time to consider the length of the contract you actually want.

Buying a brand new iPhone 5 will set you back a lot of money and so you might want to turn to the best way of raising the funds and that is by trading in or selling your old iPhone, or other handset. Even a broken 3GS will still sell, albeit for not a great amount, and if you have a fully functioning iPhone then it will obviously sell for even more. So here we are going to look at the best way to sell an iPhone.

1. Trade In with Apple

apple recycling program

Apple offer a recycling scheme that means that they will recycle your old product in keeping with their environmental policy as well as giving you an Apple gift card (would that be an iGift ? ) for you to put money towards a new iPhone, or other gadget of your choice.

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2. Sell on eBay

ebay instant sale page

This would probably be the best way to sell your old phone as you are in complete control of when it sells, and how much it sells for. If you know your phone is worth a certain amount you can set a reserve, or bundle it with any accessories you have (especially a good idea now the change of connector has come about) to bump up the price. If you use a trade in option with any company you will always be getting the second best price – the best price being the one they sell it for to make a profit. Visit ebay’s instant sale page for details – link .

3. Trade in via Service provider

Contact your service provider to ask if they offer a trade in or recycling scheme similar to Apple. If you trade in ¬†your old phone will they knock it off the price of your old or new contract ? Talk to them and see if you can work out a deal. If they believe you might leave them for another company chances are that they will offer you something. Checkout Verizon’s Trade-in Program – Link .

verizon iphone trade in page

Here, as well, it is so important to think about the length you want your new contract to be. Most people go for a 24 month contract because they are the most readily available and the cheapest. But if you find yourself, every year, hankering after the new iPhone then you might seriously want to consider saving up that extra money and getting a one year contract. It might be hard now but imagine how envious your friends will be when every year the new iPhone comes out and you will be due an upgrade ?

4. Trade in on the Internet

amazon trade in program iphone 4s

Here are some links the most popular trading in websites.

In the USA :

In the UK:

Make sure you do your research and a lot of comparisons when using a website. Anyone can boast that they have the best trade in price but until you do some shopping around you will never know for sure. Looking for sites with price guarantees can be a good choice because if you do find a better price later on then you may be able to claim some money back.

5. Trade in Shops

Your local town or city will probably have one, or even several, of these and they are excellent for people who need quick money and little hassle. They will normally offer more in store credit than hard cash but that can be a plus as well if you are trading in for an item they already have in stock.

To find trade in stores either search on the internet or look them up in the phone book – you might be surprised at how many you find .