Libon Launched Free HD Calls and Smart VoiceMail

Google Voice is a great tool for managing all of your phone numbers in one place and providing one voice-mail for all of them. However, you can only get Google Voice if you live within the USA. Whilst it may eventually be available outside the borders of America , it leaves those who are not within out in the cold.

libon free calls iphone 5-Optimized

There are a few alternatives on the market and, for iPhone owners, Libon Voice-feed is one of them. It does exactly the same as Google Talk using a free app from the App store and it offers visual voice-mail as well.  The Libon team have now gone one step further and relaunched their app, adding in a couple of very useful features that put it right on the front-line as a serious competitor against other well-known apps.

One of the biggest new features is free Wi-Fi calling although it works on 3G as well, which is a great bonus and may upset one or two carriers.  Calling has been upgraded from basic to HD, giving much clearer sound quality and audio. Obviously your connection will have something to do with this as well.  For those who prefer not to make phone calls, you can make use of the new built-in instant messaging system. Kind of like SMS, but not.

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The best feature of all, apart from the fact that it is available to anyone with an iPhone, no matter where they are in the world, is the fact that it is still completely free. However, you do have the choice of taking out a premium subscription for $2.99 per month which will give you access to unlimited customized greetings, full transcription of all voice-mail and unlimited storage, as well as an email copy of all of your voice calls.  On top of that you also get one hour of international calls to non-Libon users every month.

Download Libon : iTunes Link .