Free Backup and Transfer of iPhone Contacts without PC

It’s frustrating to have to remember to copy your contacts from your phone to your sim and vice versa. It’s almost guaranteed that someone who si selling their phone will forget to do it before they wipe the phone for shipping and will find themselves without any contacts on their new phone. Well, now there’s a simple way to back up all of your contact information, automatically and send the information, as a file to either you or someone else by email.  The information is sent in .vcf format which is readable by virtually all iOS devices and the application is called My Contacts Backup, available for both iOS and Android platforms.

How to Transfer all Contacts :

  1. Go to either App Store for iOS or Play Store for Android and download the app My Contacts Backup – it’s Free
  2. Access the app and it will ask you to allow it access to your contacts. As this is the whole point of the app, allow it to do so.
  3. The app will automatically backup all of the contacts on your device. iphone contacts backup
  4. When it has finished click on Email
  5. You will be presented with an email, including the attachment containing your information. Simply input the email address you want to send it to. Do not delete the page at this stage, until you have completed the next step
  6. Check your inbox to see if the email has arrived complete with attachment – some providers are blocking large attachments.  If it hasn’t arrived try to resend using a different email client. iphone 5 contacts backup email
  7. When you want to restore your contacts to your device simply access the email using the mail client on you device, tap on the attachment and it will restore the contacts for you. Works on iPhone and Android and any other mobile device supporting .vcf format

The app is available in either the Free version or Pro , both feature :

  • The ability to back up offline, ensuring your privacy and security
  • Easy restore available through device mail client
  • Easy transfer of contacts between iOS devices
  • Choice of backup between .vcf or .csv excel format file, changeable in settings
  • Easy to delete all contacts from address book if required
  • Compatible with iPhone 5 and iOS 6

Download from iTunes . Link .

The pro version includes :

  • No ads
  • Reminders, either weekly or monthly
  • Support for iTunes sharing
  • Support for Wi-Fi downloading
  • Removal of duplicate contacts
  • Multiple .vcf export capability
  • iPad compatibility.