Free 2GB Cloud Storage for your Music – MSpot App

Iphone users can now get free 2GB cloud space [online web space] to store and download their music . With MSpot app you can access your music on the go . MSpot is the easiest way to get your music everywhere and anywhere you want without the limitation of storage space on your device and the hassle of carrying your computer wherever you go to transfer your music .

mspot iphone 4 appsMSpot is similar to DropBox app that can store your files on DropBox servers that can be synced with any device [Mac,PC,iDevice] connected with the internet running DropBox App . However Mspot is created for music only with better streaming and functions to manage music [watch the YouTube video below].

How it works ?

Load it from your PC to MSpot web space and download or stream media to your iDevice from anywhere you want . MSpot Free users get 2GB cloud space while Premium users get 40 GB web space for a monthly rental of $3.99 .

Watch MSpot in action – YouTube Video :

Download and Compatibility :

MSpot is available for free download in Apple App Store [link]. You can run MSpot on your iphone 4 3GS 3G iPod touch and iPad running iOS 4.0 or later. For the PC – Mac client , goto .

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