Free 10 GB Cloud Space with DropBox – iCloud Alternative

We have already covered DropBox in our previous article here . Recently Apple announced iCloud services which is similar to dropbox , but is limited only to sharing for music and files between iOS devices .

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How is Dropbox better ?

  1. Dropbox gives you access to your files on all your iOS devices aswell as Android devices (tablets and phones) .
  2. With dropbox you get 10 GB web space as compared to 5GB of iCloud . By default DropBox gives 2GB to its Free Users . But here is the trick. You have to invite other users to get join dropbox and you can get upto 8 GB additional cloud space which can be used for life , Free .
  3. Files once uploading remain there as long as you account is active , unlike iCloud where the files are flushed very 30 days .
  4. You can add , access , delete and monitor files from your iOS device aswell as the dropbox website from anywhere .
  5. Share your dropbox folders with your friends , so they can also access the files you uploaded to the cloud .
  6. Dropbox can be installed on multiple computers and there is no limitation on the number of devices you connect on a simple account .
  7. Dropbox simply sync’s you files without having the need of iTunes . It can also

Download DropBox here .