Fox Steals iPhone and Sends SMS with it – Video

Next time you receive a text message that is complete and utter gibberish and wonder where it came from, this could be the answer.  In Norway a fox has stolen an iPhone, answered a call and sent a text message using it.

fox stealing iphone 5-

16-year-old Lars Andreas Bjercke was with friends when they spotted a fox hanging around outside the garden. Deciding to try to attract the fox, Lars installed an app on his iPhone that mimicked the sound a dying rabbit would make and placed it on the ground. Backing away, they used another phone to shoot video as the fox, intrigued by the sound, investigated and eventually made off with the phone.

Unfortunately the next part could not be caught on video. In a bid to locate his phone, Lars called it and probably got a bit of a shock when it was answered, presumably by the fox. Although the conversation wasn’t up to much, he said the sound of crackling wood could be heard in the background. The following day, the 16 year old’s girlfriend received a text message from the phone that read “Jlv In ø \ a0ab 34348tu åaugjoi zølbmosdji jsøg ijio sjiw”.

fox stealing iphone

The phone still has not been located but Lars is confident that he will find it soon. What is disturbing about this is not the fact that the fox sent a text message. Nor is the sound of a dying rabbit disturbing; it’s the fact that there is actually an app for it .

Source : Cnet