Folder Lock for iPhone

Password Protect your iPhone 4 Files with popular Folder Locking application from , Folder Lock . Now available on iOS devices , FolderLock gives you full password protection on all of your private files .iphone_4_unlock- 5.1 04.12.01

Features :

  1. Move your files from your computer to your iPhone , iPod and iPad
  2. Password protect allĀ  of file types , documents, pictures, videos and audios (formats listed at the bottom)
  3. Built-in browser for web downloads
  4. Password protected Secure Notes.
  5. Add Pictures from the Photo Gallery to Folder Lock app.

Supported File Formats :

Folder lock supports the locking and viewing of the following file formats PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, HTML, HTM, TXT

How to Use FolderLock App :

This application will not lock any file directly instead it will allow you to transfer those files from other locations and keep it in the FolderLock app which remains locked using a password set by you . This locked folder can be accessed by your computer (for transferring) and from the app icon on the iPhone (for viewing) . For this you have to first set the password in Folder Lock and a Hint window with IP and port will appear on the screen. Enter this IP and port address into your web browser ( Firefox , Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer ) on your PC or MAC. It will open the Web Server Interface of Folder Lock in your computer . From here you can start assessing and adding files to your iPhone , iPod Touch and iPad .

Download :

You can download the app from iTunes here . Priced at $3.99 . This is a paid app . Please read user reviews before purchase .