Find Who is Using your Iphone in your Absense – Jailbreak App

Do you want to know who was spying on your iphone when you were away. Last day I wrote about a Security App that uses Push Notification to recover a lost iphone . But how to find who was on your phone when you were away ? If you have jailbroken your iphone , we have a new jailbreak app introduced in ModMyi repository named iGotYa . Now your iphone has a hidden eye which can record every unauthorised access to your phone when you leave your phone on the desk.


Even if you have locked your iphone using Folder Lock App , there can be secret someone who already knows your login details and they can pry on your phone in your absence to steal personal data . To keep these guys away or to simple catch the person who is trying to get your personal information , we have a this jailbreak app . Download the trial version of iGotYa to evaluate the app that is available under ModMyi repository for $4.99.

iGotYa-2iGotYa Jailbreak App was recently introduced in Cydia Store recently with features that allow you to take a picture of the person trying to use your phone [ using front-facing camera ] and get the location where your iPhone 4 is at. Send in the lock code , and this app will email you the image of the person and restricting further access. It can only be unlocked using the lock code pre-set by you.

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