“Find My iPhone” App Now Shows Driving Directions

The Find My iPhone app from Apple has just been given a very useful upgrade. The iOS 5.1 compatible app allows you to find your device if it has been stolen or lost and now, it also includes driving directions to the location of your device.  For this to work you will need App Version 2.0.1 or later and iOS 6 or later.  Also enabled within the app is the ability for Lost Mode, Play Sound and Erase buttons to be displayed separately from the primary view.

find my iphone download

So, how does this app work ?  Once you realize your iPhone is missing, simply use another iOS device to install the app and log in with your own Apple details.

According to Apple

“Find My iPhone will help you locate your missing device on a map, play a sound, display a message, remotely lock your device, or erase all the data on it.”

For iPhones or iPads running iOS 6 there is also Lost Mode. This will remotely lock the missing device with a pass code and, if required, display a phone number on the lock screen. If the phone is found, or has been stolen, you can only hope that it is by an honest person who will actually call the number to tell you. The app will also pick up co-ordinates of the device and track its journey, allowing you to see these details when you log in.

As well as all of this, you can also make use of iCloud.com where you will be able to locate and wipe your device provided you have access to a computer that is enabled for standards-compliant web browsers. Many people who use the app have reported huge success with locating their lost or stolen iPhones, saying that they would have been hundreds of pounds out-of-pocket without it. Head on over to the App Store to get your free download of the new upgraded Find My iPhone app.

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