Find Stored Iphone 4 Passwords in Minutes

A group of coders from Germany have found a breach in the iphone pass code security system that allows you to break into the phone which is locked by a passcode and reveal the secret code saved in its memory .

jailbreak iphone 4 jailbreak

This security flaw can be exploited to break into stolen phones protected by the security code and then compromise with your personal and private information which is contained in the broken device .

iphone 4 passcode reveal

The process includes jailbreaking into the locked phone [Using Greenpoison , Limera1n , RedSn0w , PwnageTool] and then running the exploit code through SSH Server which then gives access to the keychain of the iOS which contains all the user account information such as emails, VPN , Wi-Fi, social networks like Twitter and Facebook along with passwords to other websites which you have used .

In the video below the process of finding the passcode is demonstrated , though certain codes are hidden to avoid piracy and malicious use .

Disclaimer : This article is meant for educational purpose only .

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