Final Iphone 4 Unlock Notice – Releasing after 4.3

MuscleNerd from Iphone Dev team finally opens up about the Iphone 4 Unlock scene . Below is the tweet made few minutes ago from his twitter channel @MuscleNerd .

iphone 4 unlock

What we can say from this tweet is that an unlock is in the making [or probably ready for release] and it will be coming out soon . Final warning being made there for itchy fingers from further upgrading the iOS beyond 4.2.5 or iOS 4.3 whichever comes next. No mention of baseband is there . Read the post about possible iOS 4.3 Public Release .

In my last post I asked user to stay away from iOS 4.3 firmware as it will also update the baseband to 04.08.00 [Read the post here]. So if you are looking to upgrade your iOS and get the new HotSpot Feature , just hold it for the moment .

From Sherif Hashim :

For those who are waiting for the unlock on 15th January 2011 , Sherif Hashim has this to say [click on the image below to enlarge ]:

sherif hashim's appology

Update :

Latest updates from Iphone Wiki moderator @Veeence suggest that Iphone Dev Team is trying their hands on downgrading the baseband to unlock the latest version of Iphone 4 . Where as iPhone 3G is now considered unlocked for life as Apple stopped its support from iOS 4.3 onwards , so no further baseband upgrade for the 3-year-old model of iphone.

iphone 4 unlocking

Next tweet comes from @MuscleNerd who said that the team is working to downgrade the baseband to an unlockable one , as the current locked baseband 02.10.04 – 03.10.01  – 04.08.00 [with iOS 4.3 upgrade] seem un-hackable at the moment .

unlock iphone 4 4.3

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