Fake Jailbreak App Hits AppStore

Recently a Fake Jailbreak app like game has been seen on Apple AppStore . When you search “Jailbreak” on AppStore it shows this app which promises to Jailbreak iPhone iPod Touch and iPad’s . The App also promises that it supports firmware iOS 3.0 to iOS 5.0 .

We would like to warn all iPhone users that this app is nothing but a scam . Priced at $9.99 , this is a 2D scrolling game . Jailbreak is totally free provided by iPhone Dev Team and tools are readily available for upto iOS 5.0.1 Jailbreak . You can read our How To Jailbreak iPhone 4 page for more details .

fake jailbreak app

Update : It seems the word has reached Apple and they have removed the app from AppStore . It is surprising to see how an app with such clever social engineering tactic could qualify to be in the App Store in the first place .