Fake Installous App hits AppStore

A while back we reported on the sudden closure of Hackulous, taking with it the popular cracked app downloader, installous. However, it would appear that loads of people are still downloading it from the App store, or so they thought.


There’s a new kid on the block – or App in the store – and it too is called Installous. It was developed by Larisa Flora but it isn’t a reincarnation of that app, instead it’s simply a game of gears and colors. And it isn’t free either, it costs $2.99.

installous install0us smallNow people who have downloaded it and paid for it are feeling rather aggrieved that they have been scammed out of $2.99, believing that they were downloading a program that would allow them to download pirated apps for free.  One review that was left reads

“Developer changed the name of his game to try to take advantage of people trying to install Installous. He’s a scam artist.”

It is a bit ironic that they should complain about being scammed out of cash when that’s exactly what they have in mind when they grab pirated apps, thereby doing hard-working developers out of their hard-earned dollar – which is what most of these apps cost anyway.

Anyway, whilst we don’t condone developers trying to reel in people under false pretences – if that is what happened – we also don’t condone piracy – it’s a good example of the old saying “what goes around comes around”.