FaceTime on Iphone 3GS – Iphone Accessory Review

Here is a new accessory for iPhone 3GS users who want to make Facetime Calls on their 3rd Generation Iphone . Facetime is a new feature which allows real-time video calling over WiFi [and 3G network for jailbroken phones] and its limited to only fourth generation devices like iphone 4 or itouch 4 with a front facing camera . So how do you go about it in the iphone 3GS with hardware restrictions [that is no front camera].

This iphone 3GS facetime accessory called iSeeU from Korean company PlayMass uses a simple yet innovative technique to use a mirror which reflects your image on the rear camera of the iphone 3GS and makes it work as a front facing camera .


The accessory is mounted on your iphone 3GS and works precisely to direct your image on to the rear camera . This overcomes the restriction that the iphone 3GS has no front camera. Works fine with Tango and Fring iphone app over WiFi and 3G .

Here is a video preview of iSeeU in action:

iSeeU works with any smart phone and fits well with the device . Swivel it around and share all kinds of stuff without having to move the phone . The accessory is now available for pre-order at $24.95 .

[via PlayMass.com]

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