Facebook Urges Employees to Switch their iPhone’s for Android

Social networking giant Facebook appear to have done an about-turn. For years they have been supplying their employees with Apple phones and now, all of a sudden, they are running a huge internal campaign called “droidfooding“, in a bid to try to get everyone to get rid of their iPhones and switch to Google-based Android smartphones.



The campaign started in August of this year with a series of posters suddenly appearing at Facebook’s headquarters in California. One poster is urging staff to make the switch and to contact help-desk to change their iPhone’s for an Android one. Another poster is showing a graph predicting that, by 2016, Android will have a much larger share of the market than the iPhone, more than twice as much in fact.  Shipping of Google mobile devices already outstrips those of Apple and has done for some time now. Android market shares currently stand at 72.4% whereas iOS has dropped to just 13.9%.  interestingly enough, when questioned about the posters, Facebook vehemently denied that they were forcing their staff to change, saying that they could use whatever they liked and that, in fact many of their staff and engineers carried 2 phones – one with iOS and one with Android

The reason for the switch ?  Facebook want their employees to improve upon the Facebook experience on Google devices – Facebook currently has over 600 million mobile users, a large number to keep happy and, whilst the Facebook iOS app has always been streets ahead of the one on Android and Blackberry, Facebook cannot afford to ignore the largest growing platform.

Whilst it may seem a little odd to watch Facebook actively pursue a company they have always been pitted against, it could be a good outcome, at least for those who use the Android platform.  As a result, the app should become smoother across all platforms, allowing each and every consumer to enjoy the experience of Facebook no matter which platform they are on.

And, as an aside, it may interest you to know that the Beta app that is installed on Facebook employees phones, be it Android or iOS contains a feature that is built-in to the software – it’s called “shake and rage” and it allows users to vigorously shake their phones when they discover a bug – this then reports the bug and sends a message to the fix team. If this is the case, there shouldn’t be any excuses for glitches in the apps.