Facebook to Announce Something Big on Jan 15th

Facebook seem to like being in the media and, with all the attention on CES 2013 at the moment, they are not getting a look in. Until now. A recent announcement has been made that they are inviting journalists to a media event on January 15th, being held at their Menio Park headquarters. The invite is very vague, simply inviting the press to come and “see what we are building”.


It could be something to do with a Facebook phone, something which has been talked about in the past. Previously, the social networking giant has been linked with the HTC Cha-cha and Salsa and, as recently as November 2012, the subject came back to life with the HTC-made Opera UL. However, that project was apparently put on hold. 4 months ago Mark Zuckerberg said in an interview that a Facebook phone “just doesn’t make any sense”. So that leaves us guessing a bit more.

Whatever the announcement is about is something we will just have to wait another week to see. However, knowing Facebook, and with all the secrecy that is surrounding it at the moment, it’s bound to be something big.